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Date: Tue 21 Sep 1999 - 20:41:14 EEST

Pam Carlson:
> I don't think that many Gloranthans hang around and wonder "wwhat their
> career paths will be". That choice seems to be a product of modern (mostly
> Western) life. People in Glorantha, much like people throughout history,
> probably expect to do whatever their parents do.

I'd concur with that, though (probably rather less often) some people
are 'called' to a particular way of life (or by a particular god -- six
and half a dozen, really). Very few people would have the luxury of
musing, dilettante-like, about what they'll do with their lives...

> The 15% of people who follow unusual deities are all those that follow
> anyone but Orlanth and Ernalda. Thus, that 15% consisits of all the
> Humakti, Issaries types (many of which are women), Lankhor Mhy sages,
> Babeester Gori, etc.

When Greg says things like "15% of Orlanthi follow non-standard
gender roles"; or "15% of Orlanthi follow anyone but Orlanth and
Ernalda" (and he's said both) one should bear in mind any number
of caveats about Greg, off the top of the head numbers, percentages,
and the like. I'd take the numbers as being consumately
non-definitive, but the sentiment as being 'a small but significant
minority', in either case.

> Eurmali are feared and despised because they
> live outside the law, but they are often needed as literal scapegoats.

And here I thought the literal scapegoats of Orlanthi society were...
the goats.

> Ernalda is the spiritual earth, the source of life, the mystery of
> womanhood. ALL woman initiate to Ernalda (or their local equivalent) -
> that's what makes them adult women. (They may also initiate to other
> deities - like Issaries.)

Where this gets even more confusing, though, is trying to work out
whether these 'initiations' are of a similar character or not. As
I understand Current Thinking (which may be scarcely at all -- take
this impression with quantities of salt to taste), one's adulthood
initiation is into the 'pantheon', or approx. one half thereof, by
gender role; subsequent initiations are matters of devotion to a
particular god (such as Issaries) or aspect of the appropriate
cultural deity: Orlanth the Farmer, etc.



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