Re: Tenuous Earth Cult question:

Date: Tue 21 Sep 1999 - 23:26:49 EEST

This is kind of/almost linked to the Earth Cults for Men question, but the
link is pretty thin, from a long dead ancestor.

It is a question about Waha, who is pretty much a male earth cult (he
commands Gnomes!). To qualify as a Kahn a candidate must have noble blood,
presumably as a descendant of Waha and not a Dara Happan or other
so called
'noble'. What I want to know is if Waha had any Morokanth descendants.
Morokanth being Beasts who cheated, as opposed to humans, to whom Waha seems

unfairly biased. If Waha is not interested in female Morokanth then are there
no legitimate Waha Khans in the Morokanth tribe, but instead a select breed
of noble herd men - Waha descendants who lost their intellect. OR is Waha
really a Morokanth lover, OR is their some other Morokanth qualifier as
'noble' blood, perhaps the original Morokanth who cheated in the Food Game?

Cults of Prax genealogy gives Waha and Eiritha as parents of the Kahns but I
don't personally like this.Eiritha is supposedly buried and cannot wander the
world. I prefer to think of Waha creating dynasties from the 'ordinary'
people (descendants of the Protectresses and the Founders). Either way though
the descendants of Impala Eiritha and Waha were humans, so, logically
Morocanth Eiritha gives birth to humans/herd men. I guess the Protectresses
must have been born after the Food Game or else the Herd Man Protectress
wouldn't exist, but I would appreciate some other opinions.

Sorry about the tenous Earth link.

Keith N

Keith N


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