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Date: Wed 22 Sep 1999 - 08:46:16 EEST

Alex and I are on the same wavelength, here:

> one's adulthood
>initiation is into the 'pantheon', or approx. one half thereof, by
>gender role; subsequent initiations are matters of devotion to a
>particular god (such as Issaries) or aspect of the appropriate
>cultural deity: Orlanth the Farmer, etc.

Yes - (as I understand it) the main initiation is to the Pantheon and the
main gender definier within it: Ernalda for females, Orlanth for males.
(note the Orlanthi legal definition of "adult" is someone initiated to
Orlanth or Ernalda - these people have rights, may legally have sex with
another adult, etc.) Once you are initiated, I imagine that completeing
magical acts or important journeys, are what lead to forming ties to other
(related) deities.

Example: When our Varmandi PC's journeyed to the top of Kero Fin and met
that goddess, some of us were so moved we healed her wounds, swore oaths
and donated POW to her. (Others didi so for Yinkin, who was also suffering
in that hall - they became knowers of the secrets of Yinkin.) THis was
interpreted slightly differently by each character. My Ernaldan priestess
took it to mean that Kero Fin was now HER ancestor, and all her offspring
would forever have a place in the new land they had colonized beneath the
mountain. Someone who had never journeyed to Kero Fin, or who had never
participated in the rituals commemorating that journey, would not know the
secrets of Kero Fin, even though they might be members of the "Orlanth &
Ernalda" pantheon.

Turos is another male earth/mountain deity, mostly worshipped in Old
Pelanda/modern Carmania. He is quite analagous to Lodril in many ways, and
many of the same rituals work for both gods. Call him the Pelandan variant
of the Greater Male Earth/Fertility/Fire deity. In the Pavis area, his
worshippers would likey be retired Lunar soldiers from the western provinces
of the empire.


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