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G'day all,

Stuff RQ

Philip Hibbs:

>I think we should try and keep this list clean of RuneQuest rules nowadays,
>as the build-up to Hero Wars is under way, and we don't want to confuse

Well I think "newbies" are actually more likely to be confused by frequent
mention of the putative, still mostly-hypothetical game "Hero Wars"! As
someone not in the tiny minority with a copy of one version or other of the
playtest rules, I find the frequent eruptions of esoteric HW mechanics
debates here far more confusing - and boring - than an occasional RQ rules

Presumably if someone asks a RuneQuest question, they're actually
***playing the game***!! And hopefully the answers will help them
*continue* Gaming in Glorantha until (when/if?) the glorious day comes and
Hero Wars bursts forth from the heavens*. Surely this is something to be
fostered rather than discouraged?

  *on this, see also #3 of Nick Brooke's "Ten Things I Hate About

Even if many people here (me included) aren't actually regularly gaming
themselves at the moment, we do have a background in RQ and a understanding
of how it works in Glorantha that a newcomer might appreciate.

>I don't think we've got many Gloranthan newbies here, but if we do,
>and when we do get new people signing on, we don't want old RQ game
>mechanics confusing them.

At least RuneQuest is extant and out there - if they're already RPGers,
many newcomers will have at least heard of it, and maybe even have a copy
sitting on their shelf (even if they haven't opened it for years).
Glorantha's heritage is inextricably tied with up RuneQuest whether you
like it or not.

>RQ Rules questions are welcome on the RuneQuest
>mailing list, though!

Then the best response would be to politely point the asker in that
direction. Harry's rules question [v7 #86] did have a Gloranthan context,
and there's nothing in the Rules of the Road that says RQ questions are

By the way, I never really liked the RQ3 sorcery, spirits or summons rules,
and like Nick, I'd point Harry to Sandy's excellent rules suggestions for
these areas in "Ye Booke of Tentacles" I & II.



PS. Just so you know, the real-life inspiration for "Bloody Jeff" (the Down
Under Cons and Questlines chaos-koala mascot), our looney-right state
premier Jeff Kennett, was against all expectations anally ravaged at the
polls on the weekend, and is likely to lose office. Hurrah!

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