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Date: Sun 26 Sep 1999 - 18:57:40 EEST

Well, the family and I are mostly settled at our newly rented kasyr in
Pensacola, Florida. Sam is happily crawling all over, and pulling up on
whatever he can reach. I've been working on the Carmania material I had on
the fabulous worlds site, and in a week or so will be ready to put it up in
a public area and announce it here. In the meantime, here's a teaser from
the updated 36 Karmeinya Plots (nb: "Kaurmeinya" is the way to say Carmanian
in my Glorantha. YGMV. "Kaurmeiny" is the way to say Carmania).

Plot 6: Victim of Cruelty or Misfortune

The Zemeidy household is rocked! Yesterday Satrap Kaufan Destryno himself
rode up to the Kasyr with over a hundred attendants and called a private
meeting with the Fazzik. This morning, after the PCs spent a night roughing
it, sleeping in the stables while his attendants slept in the male
family-members' beds, the Satrap left. The House Zemeidy has been ordered to
abandon Kaulym-Kasyr and move lock, stock, and barrel to a new, highly
fortified Kasyr on the border with Chaurg. The new Kasyr is partly
constructed, but behind schedule. Zemeidy factors are to immediately take
over supervision of construction and make the place ready to move in before
winter comes. Their ancestral lands will be given to another house and they
will be given new lands nearer their new Kasyr. The new lands are settled
with exiles from Sartar, and have been seized from a paupered house for
non-payment of taxes. There are already rumors that the Zotelkadzy will
receive the Zemeidy lands. Another rumor states that the Zemeidy lands will
be given to a Lunar religious order.

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