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<< >Any other ideas please?
 Since the Moonboat factories are in Darjiin, I imagine the
 secrets for creating the Moonboats arise out of Darjiinian
 Lunar mythology. The core crew of the Moonboats thus would
 be Darjiinians with their lewd habits and have a shrine to
 Yestendos on board.

 - --Peter Metcalfe

Since Yestendos stole the incomplete plans for Anaxial's boat and was
therefore only able to make reed boats I think the Lunars must have somehow
finished the incomplete plans with a bit of their own Magic (or maybe they
got some Anaxial Lore from somwhere) Either way, the Moonboat prototypes are
still not correct, although useful. No one is admitting that they haven't
done what they were designed for. The Lunars still cannot make a 'Yuthuppa;
Ship of God' but are making do with their Moonboats. The White Moonies claim
that if the White Moon rises then a true White Moonboat will be built and
will save the Pure.

Keith N


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