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From: Ian Thomson (
Date: Wed 29 Sep 1999 - 04:42:27 EEST


ages ago Craig Pays (I think) did a scenario write-up from the idea at
the beginning of Baran the Monster Killer ('Strangers in Prax')

"The Everburning Torches" or "The Tower of Kruuzig Ogg"

I printed this and ran it in my campaign, but when I came to link it to
my site it was GONE! :(

So eventually (last weekend) I got round to text-scanning it and adding
my own ideas, and put it on my site (credited to Craig)

It can be reached through the "Adventures/Scenarios" Link, on my main

If anyone knows a new address for the original please let me know

Likewise the Eurmal Temple on Temple Hill scenario will follow shortly,
except I don't have a record of the original author. And I'm expanding
the piece a fair bit, so it'll take a week or so to get up there


Ian (from work)


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