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Keith enthuses:

> So who did Fod award the Silver Quill to? And did he get anywhere with
> Jar Eel? Can he lend me his copy of the Seleric Verses, or any other
> blasphemous texts?

I can't help with those questions, but I can throw in some Authors' Notes.

We conflated Fod-Ariam the Geographer with the unnamed Lunar monk who lusts
after Jar-eel, because they both appear in the same section of the Dragon
Pass rulebook. (What a fine explanation: one of Chris Gidlow's best!)

Jar-eel, of course, being a superhero, had a "secret identity" as a poet for
the Ministry of Truth (the Lunar equivalent to being a journalist at the
Daily Planet). Incidentally, her father was going to be called "Kal-eel" at
one point, but for some reason this didn't appear in the finished game.
More's the pity, sez I.

One of the books on Fod-Ariam's reading list was real, BTW. Greg Stafford
played Great Sister in the first run of "Life of Moonson", and the comments
relate to his little red pamphlet, "The Story of Our Red Goddess, Called
Rufelza". (Which for some reason is not yet downloadable from the Issaries

Fod-Ariam's was first played by Peter Metcalfe, which explains one of his
power cards (not on my website):

: Flames of Wisdom
: A by-product of the Torch of Knowledge: you can launch scathing
: criticisms of anyone, for any reason, even if utterly unprovoked
: and uncalled-for. Anyone "flamed" by you will retire, hurt, from
: the bruising encounter, and will be unable to interact with you
: for fifteen minutes thereafter.

Yes, we *do* enjoy writing these games...

Speaking of which, there are now two more "Life of Moonson" characters on my

        * Artaphaestos, Ambassador to the Arrolian Colonies

        * Geilbonus, Speaker of the Imperial Senate

and two more will follow next week.

Finally, I'll be delighted to answer questions about any of these
characters, either here or in private mail, if anything is puzzling or
intriguing you.

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