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<< Parallels come to mind with the 'seven hills of Rome' and the hills of
 Jerusalem (which is an archetype for Pavis). >>

The reason I think they are unusual is that the cleft between them is so
steep that each side is a cliff of brick red rock. I also note that there are
9 hills in Pavis; New Pavis/Zebraside, Real City, Twin Hill 1, Twin Hill 2,
Yelmalio Hill, Green Hill, Temple Hill, Blind King's Palace, Badside. Ruling
out Badside as there were no ruins on it (so it wasn't a desirable place to
build in the Old Days) and the fact that it half outside the Walls leaves 8
hills. If we now join up the Twin Hills to make one hill we get the
classic/cliche Original Seven Hills of Pavis: Zebra Hill, Real City Hill,
Magicians Hill (site of Robcradle Ruins), Yelmalio Hill (Elmal Hill?Sun
Hill?*), Green Hill, Temple Hill, King's Hill (Palace Hill).

I think that the original Big Rubble big map gives the stronest impression of
a cleft BTW and subsequent illustrations and maps give a less clear
impression. (missing out cliff lines for example)

Keith N

*Ducks may come on pilgrimage to see The Bill. (UK TV pun)


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