Three Bean Circus

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<< I don't know anything about the
> bean circus or Turos.>>

Three Bean Circus is a subcult of Eiritha at the Paps; a band of people who
preach Peace on the plains of Prax (are they mad?). They have one spell:
Peace, which causes people to lay down their weapons and listen to the
'wonders of peace and love which the spirits send ringing through their
minds'. They are descended from Tada and Ernalda.

Turos is a Pelandan name for a god who is similar to Dara Happan Lodril in
some ways, and a male version of Maran Gor in other ways. Either way, he is a
Pelandan Earth god.

<< You seem to be looking for a mobile warrior cult, but are afraid to take
 Humakt or Orlanth....<snipped>
    Tada probably has earth ties, but is he even worshipped in third age? I
 thought he was a dead hero, not a minor god.>>

I don't think he is directly worshipped, except maybe as an ancestor. Waha
is, IMO, still the most Earth oriented male cult.

<< The Three Bean Circus might
 be either a group of Tricksters and Illuminates or a Donandar Puppeteer
 Troupe, depending on the reference. >>
I guess they could be illuminates, having, as they have, attained spiritual
perfection, but I'm not sure if illumination is exactly that.

Keith N


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