Paragua's Walls

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<< The walls were broken twice. I believe that Jaldon made the little break
 on the side where New Pavis is. I am pretty certain that the trolls made
 the Troll Break. I will have to get my Pavis book out again to check.


I think Thog first broke the walls, with Jolanti and troll allies, in 875. I
think this breaking of walls may have been more a case of getting past the
walls rather than smashing a hole in them. [I think this because in 1621

there are only 2 breaks- Troll Break and the lower bit of wall on Rich Hill
pushed over by the Great Rhino summoned by Jorbal Rhino Kahn some time after
940.] Thog then occupied the city for a couple of years until Joraz was able
to get Sun Dome Templar help, but were unable to damage the King's Villa
(Pavis Temple). I think that at this stage Paragua's Walls are unfinished
(meaning rough stone as opposed to incomplete) and without gatehouses. These
were finished by the Mostali after Thog's occupation, but before or during
Jaldon's 13 year siege (927-940), which ended when he chewed a big hole in
the wall, now known as Troll Break. (Garngar Gateguard was 'the general of
Pavis who fortified the Gates and the Breach' but was killed by Jorbal Rhino

I have a slight chronological problem on Aldryami in Pavis relating to Thog,
and his occupation. I suspect that the elves arrives from shadows dance after
Thogs occupation, otherwise why did the Trolls not eat them. Perhaps they

just went into hiding but the Garden was even smaller then than it is now.
The Flintnail cult is noted as leading the resistance to Thog/The Trolls.

However the Council of Elves in Pavis has a palce for a Chosen One which was,
apparently originally occupied by Pavis himself. Pavis had retired in 860,
before Thog came. There is nothing to stop the elves coming back to Pavis
after Thog I guess.
Keith N


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