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Date: Thu 23 Sep 1999 - 02:37:11 EEST

Keith asked

> What I want to know is if Waha had any Morokanth descendants.
> Morokanth being Beasts who cheated, as opposed to humans, to whom Waha seems
> unfairly biased. If Waha is not interested in female Morokanth then are there

> no legitimate Waha Khans in the Morokanth tribe, but instead a select breed
> of noble herd men - Waha descendants who lost their intellect. OR is Waha
> really a Morokanth lover, OR is their some other Morokanth qualifier as
> 'noble' blood, perhaps the original Morokanth who cheated in the Food Game?

Waha is a morokanth, of course. After all, the humans had to cheat.
Ask any morokanth.

> Cults of Prax genealogy gives Waha and Eiritha as parents of the Kahns but I
> don't personally like this.Eiritha is supposedly buried and cannot wander the
> world.

What, Waha and Eiritha had no children before Eiritha was buried? And
just because she can't wander is no reason she can't have children.

I agree with MOB, there's no reason to discourage RQ questions. You
might get better answers on a RQ Rules mailing list, but I think
discussing any game related to Glorantha here is OK. (I know it won't
break my heart if people discuss King of Dragon Pass, when that game
is available. :-)

Heck, we should be as encouraging of any fan as possible. I imagine
this is a pretty daunting mailing list for a novice...

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