Morocanth and Waha

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 23 Sep 1999 - 08:30:17 EEST

Keith Nellist:

>What I want to know is if Waha had any Morokanth descendants.


>Morokanth being Beasts who cheated, as opposed to humans, to whom
>Waha seems unfairly biased.

The Morokanth PoV is that humans cheated unfairly.

>Cults of Prax genealogy gives Waha and Eiritha as parents of the Kahns
>but I don't personally like this. Eiritha is supposedly buried and
>cannot wander the world.

She can still give birth to ordinary herds that emerge from a secret
cave in the Sacred Ground. It is not impossible for khans to emerge
from these caves.

>Either way though
>the descendants of Impala Eiritha and Waha were humans, so, logically
>Morocanth Eiritha gives birth to humans/herd men.

Eiritha is capable of bearing both humans and beast. So there
is no real reason why Morocanth Eiritha could not give birth
to Morocanth Khans.

>I guess the Protectresses
>must have been born after the Food Game or else the Herd Man Protectress
>wouldn't exist, but I would appreciate some other opinions.

The Protectresses were born before Survival Covenant. They had
been kidnapped by the Trolls until Waha freed them.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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