King of Dragon Pass update

From: David Dunham (
Date: Fri 24 Sep 1999 - 03:45:51 EEST

Some good news and bad news about King of Dragon Pass.

The bad news:
We've looked at our progress, and decided that in order to produce a
quality product, we need to slip the schedule.

The good news:
Progress recently has been real good, the program is stable, and we
will need to slip only 10 days. We will ship initial orders on 29
October 1999.

We are now at the beta stage -- the only changes should be bug fixes.

Testers say that the game is fun. One reports: "I haven't been able
to play the game yet, because [my wife] won't give me a turn at the
computer. She plays the game in every spare moment -- quite a
compliment because she's very picky about her computer games and
easily bored by poor design."

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