HeroQuesting and Time Travelling

From: Nikk Effingham (eng7nje@arts-01.novell.leeds.ac.uk)
Date: Thu 30 Sep 1999 - 14:33:54 EEST

Just checked out the new additions to Nick Brooke's homepage
(which are really good, BTW), and was reading the HeroQuesting
notes. It reminded me of one of the things that confuses me about

I never used to think HeroQuesting was time travel, when a Storm
Bull worshipper re-enact the defeat of Ragnaglar and his horde of
broo, you did not time travel back, you did not actually exist
numerous eons ago in the Great Darkness in the fight, not in the
sense that if you somehow, one day, lost and the broo won that
the future would be changed. I did believe that you entered into the
mythical representation of this victory of Storm Bull, that "exists"
on the HeroPlane, and that should the myth be altered somehow
then things change, but not time.

However, recently reading HeroQuest seminars from Greg etc...
seems to indicate differently. Personally I don't like this idea.

Have I somehow misunderstoof what's going on? Or is all
HeroQuesting jumped up Doctor-Who style time travel?


Nikk E.


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