Bolo Lizard riders

From: Paul Baker (
Date: Thu 30 Sep 1999 - 15:19:20 EEST

Help, Has anyone got any info on the Bolo Lizard riders. I'm trying to put
together some PC hand outs for new players, but I've come across little
detail for the Bolo Lizard riders, other than a few fanzines and Drastic
Resolution: Prax.

The Bolo Lizard People aka the Bird lizard People, a matriarchal tribe/ clan
of 3,000 pygmies (Possibly reptilian - RQ2 rules). Are the pygmy subspecies
terrestrial pygmies or short and stocky praxians? I've always assumed the
latter as they are native to Genertela not Pamaltela.

The Bolo lizards are described as the first children of Eiritha, 'Raptor'
like herbivores, as cold blooded reptiles they seemed to be children of
Ernalda, All Eiritha's other children being warm blooded mammals. Were the
Bird/Bolo lizards full blown carnivores before the survival covenant?
I think it was Drastic Resolutions, that commented on 'Waha being ignored as
being alien', however sources state that they took part in the Survival
covenant. Was Whaa just supplanted by the worship of foundchild?

Wayland's Forge
Roj, the owner has painted up some rather excellent looking Zebra Riders,
Agimori, and other RQ figure conversions, well worth a look in if your

Paul Baker


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