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"Jose Ramos" <> writes:

[in KoDP:]
> No, I was able to make them promise both to come to my sacred hill TEN
> times (and as many times one of them would not want peace, but I am
used to
> that), and next season NOBODY appears, no event, nothing, just

I'm pretty certain this is a bug. It sounds like it from your later comments
too. Have you reported this to A Sharp?

You can win with a Vingan; I've done it with Kallyr. She marries the
Luminous Horse King, as I recall (nifty graphic too---he rides Goldeneyes).
The last task in the endgame is different too.

> Lesbian Vingans
> Of course [Vinga] does have a seductress aspect, [...] but how
> limiting would be an orlanthi heroquest for a Vingan. Is seducing
> Gagarth and attacking the Dark Woman creative heroquesting? What
> will happen to that child that will never be born? Are you weakening
> the Tusk Riders (or their Darkness link, or even increasing it) just by
> sending Vingans against Aroka?

In a rp game, I'd certainly play it that way, but I doubt that the computer
game is that sophisticated. Certainly, I've never noticed that effect. Aren't
Tusk Riders supposed to be an EWF abomination? I thought that they had
little to do with Orlanth, mythically. Could the "seduce the dark woman"
bit of Orlanth and Aroka an EWF add-on? I doubt it. It's mentioned in The
King of Dragon Pass (the book), isn't it?

> And people being as they are, most close friendship in a Vingan band
> (supposing that exists, which is hinted at in KoDP) will be among the
> women. So I do not think that Vinga fosters lesbianism, but that the cult
> attracts lesbians.

It's possible, but I still think you are taking this too far. I rather suspect
that 'all' Sartarite women who dare not speak the name of their love are
more like other women than they are like men, that is, they are attracted
the busy, peaceful life typified by Voria, Ernalda, and Asrelia. Just because
they like other women doesn't mean that lesbian Sartarites want to run
around waving swords (nor do they all have red hair).

> Considering that joining Vinga is one of the few ways an
> orlanthi woman has of avoiding an arranged marriage, this is a positive
> inducement.

Why not just dedicate yourself to the temple? What about BG and MG? I
doubt they ever marry. What about Chalana Arroy or Humakt? Humakti
are certainly outside normal kin relationships. In my game a Humakti
marrying would be considered to be rejecting their god, let alone having
children. Humakt demands that you sever all ties to family and that
definitely includes intentionally making new ones. My point is that I think
you're over-emphasizing Vinga as a cult for "special friendships". I am of
the opinion that most cults have members, male and female of unusual

> Saying "Vinga can do the same things as Orlanth" raises these problems. So,
> where is the limit?

There must be one, certainly. I think that what you are objecting to is
mostly an artifact of limited complexity in the computer game. Vinga can
be a surrogate for Orlanth in some situations, but she is a different god.

BTW, if a Vingan tried Orlanth and Aroka IMG, she'd be preggers when
she came back unless she'd been very careful.

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