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<< > 5. how are female children treated? is there infanticide? are they
> educated? all the time or only for upper classes?>>

I think I originally agreed with John Hughes about infanticide but have since
been convinced that it is, in fact, kinslaying and therefore is unlikely. (I

realise that one could argue about the status of a new born with regards
being "kin" or not, but I have swapped sides.) I had also forgotten about the
Sex Pit which drove Ragnaglar (presumable) mad and guess that has inferences
for Orlanthi sexual practice, but I still feel they are best played as John
described, ie less repressed than those Dara Happowankers. (excuse my
      Female children are treated as household servants-in-training by the
      men. Infanticide is, however, not practiced.

I don't see why Dara Happans would avoid Infanticide. They seem more likely
candidates than most, especially for those not of Yelmic descent, or those
"impure" in some way.

         > 2. how public is representational sexuality? are there nude

> sexual art in public?
      Traditional DHn culture has no representational sexuality. There was
      male nudity in statues, but no female nudity. >>

I do not agree that the Dara Happan have nude statues; IMO the Pelandans do,
the Darsenites, the Darjiini, etc but NOT the Dara Happan who invented
civilisation after all.

Keith N


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