Re: The Glorantha Digest V7 #433

Date: Tue 29 Feb 2000 - 22:27:25 EET

>From: "Gian Gero" <>
>Subject: Praxian babies
 I also see the Praxian society as quite as strongly
>influenced by Eiritha as it is by Waha. So Eiritha "herds" and "mothers" any
>child, IMG, even chaotic tainted ones and then handles them to Spirits or
>Waha shamans to decide their destiny. She always speaks for life and
>protection of the weak.

        I agree with the material about Eiritha protecting the weak, but
not about saving 'mildly chaotic' babies. For a Praxian, any chaos is all
chaos. There's no way to quantify chaos to the Storm Bull chaos sense. A
baby with a malformed foot due to chaos is just as chaotic as any broo.

Allow it to live and it will insinuate chaos into society, and pretty soon
it will spread everywhere.
        I guess I think of chaos as a sort of radioactivity. Even in small
quantities is contaminates everything it comes across, and then those
things may spread the contagion further.

Andrew E. Larsen


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