Gloranthan Miniatures

From: Rick Meints (
Date: Wed 01 Mar 2000 - 00:59:53 EET

Greetings everyone,

I am on an official fact finding mission for Issaries Inc. They would like me to
out your views on Gloranthan miniatures. Please respond to me in private email.
I'm interested in knowing the following:

1. Would you buy well made pewter Gloranthan miniatures, provided that
they were reasonably priced?

2. Would you buy less expensive, but well made plastic miniatures?

3. Would you prefer to buy individual miniatures in blister packs
or would you prefer to buy them in themed boxed sets?

4. Would you be interested in purchasing new castings of previously out-of-print
miniatures? (IE, a company like Citadel would start making their RQ minis again)

5. Would you be interested in buying a Gloranthan based miniatures
battle system or boardgame?

Please include any additional comments as well.

PS: You are welcome to ask me what the future of Gloranthan miniatures is, but
my response will basically be "Don't know YET". Issaries Inc. wants to have as
a variety of Gloranthan products available as possible, including miniatures,
but they don't have a finalized strategy yet for miniatures.

Help them find the way to best serve you.

Rick ( - Gloranthan Miniatures Guru


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