Re: Definition of a Hero

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Wed 01 Mar 2000 - 04:08:20 EET

Wesley Quadros wrote:
> My own take is different. Not all heroes have a "purpose greater than
> themselves". Harak, for example, is a hero. But his only purpose (AFAIK)
> is personal power and wealth; likewise Sheng Seleris.
> I think that a hero is anybody who is venerated and followed by others.
> Jar-Eel is a hero because she has a warband that thinks she is the greatest
> thing since Yara Aranis and the people of the Empire adore her and call her
> a Hero.
> Thorm, the ancestor of the Blueberry clan in the Culbrea is a hero because
> every year people follow the path he took through the Heroplane invoking his
> name and memory to get those really tasty blueberries.

I thought the definition of a human hero was very simple - you have
your own star. Of course, seeing a troll's star can be tricky since
it's in hell. I don't know what happens re: elf heroes though. And
the only Tusk Rider hero known may not have a star either :-) but
I think they probably do.

Then again, you seem to be talking about heroes as against Heroes.
That is, what some elements in society may term a hero versus what the
glorantha and its beings as a whole consider a Hero.

Or....has the star stuff been Gregged?



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