oasis water supply

From: Ian Thomson (IThomson@groupwise.swin.edu.au)
Date: Wed 01 Mar 2000 - 06:27:23 EET

mythologicially speaking, here's a thought:
the oasis will support the same number of oasis people who continue to
live according to tradition
If the nomads colonise the oasis (for a while) and drink the water,
production of water will increase so that the oasis people themselves
always have enough

This gives rise to the problem possibility of a town springing up, and
so long as the oasis people population stays the same, the oasis
continues to produce more and more water

This may be a ridiculous idea, or perhaps one that has basis in reality
with a finite upper limit

Places where the upper limit has been reached and the oasis people died
out and/or moved on could be such as Pimper's Block

normally (which ties in with official lore IIRC) the nomads are careful
not to significantly harm the oasis people or the oasis (in the nomad's
own terms) and therefore these upper limits of the water supply
situation are not tested.
Centuries of tradition have shown when these limits are approached


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