Crimson Bat (re) summoning

From: Davison Nick (
Date: Wed 01 Mar 2000 - 12:26:42 EET

According to KOS the Crimson Bat was 'destroyed' at Boldhome (in

However it was clearly brought back for use against Whitewall (in
1619). If not earlier.

According to ES the cult of the Crimson Bat accompanies the Bat
itself on its flights and into combat.(and presumably disappears with

Does anyone have any ideas how it is resummoned?

Do some members of the cult ( bat men?) remain behind in Glamour or
elsewhere safely inside the Empire.

Can it be brought back without the aid of its own cult?

Do Lunar magicians have to research the ritual again?

It could be that these questions are answered in Cults of Terror
(but unfortunately I don't have it)




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