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Date: Wed 01 Mar 2000 - 17:14:39 EET

> Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 17:52:15 -0600
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> Subject: Sex and the Single Praxian

Andrew E. Larsen wrote:

>> 4. what is the view of bisexuality? of adult male homosexuality? of
>> paedophilia?
> Bisexuality and homosexuality among men are considered unnatural,
> and outside the law of Waha. They are non-procreative and weaken the men
> involved. Storm bulls in particular deride the practice and may sodomize
> their captives to prove their dominance.

I strongly object to that, way too broo-ish. It's not that broos are
sodomites per se (they aren't: every orifice is fine for them, even wounds),
but I still think that it is a major taboo of bullers everywhere on the
Lozenge. Of course, it doesn't mean that some will not guiltily do it
anyway... And with no penalty whatsoever except if they are caught: they do
not automatically turn into Uraini, they don't breed broo larvae, nothing
drastic whatsoever... Storm Bull is all understanding, after all he also
felt lonely sometimes during his campaigns away from Eiritha. It was only
his cursed brother who perverted the perfectly sane custom of the "special
friendship" between fellow warriors. They aren't called "brothers-" or
"comrades-in-arms" for naught !

> These activities among women are
> tolerated so long as they do not prevent procreative sex.
> Paedophilia is a serious crime, as are rape and incest. These
> actions attract chaotic spirits and can poison the tribe. Those who commit
> them are outlawed.

Yeah, forcefully sodomizing one's captives is also rape. Thed be cursed !

> So what do people think?

I think it strange that in Glorantha the deity of rape is a rapee & not a
rapist. The blame-it-on-the-victim game as usual... All hail the macho
chauvinist pig (bull ?!) !!!

Onward the Glorious Blue Army !



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