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<< IMO, the physical environment of Prax is not the reason for its lack of
 it is "magically" infertile. In any case, I think this explanation is
 more fun
 and with more potential than it just being an arid desert>>

It is physically infertile for magical reasons. Just like other places are
physically fertile for magical reasons. Prax is not a desert, but there isn't
the right amount of water available. When it rains, it is heavy rain. It
washes away the surface, it settles in huge puddles on the hard earth, it
collects in 'serpents' and makes wadis dangerous places to be in due to flash
floods. Occasionally it doesn't rain in places for years. It is not
'average' rainfall that counts but the distribution and retention of that

<<, a campaign
 based around
 resurrecting Genert sounds like a lot of fun to me. Didn't someone
 mention that
 they were doing this? Would they like to tell us how it is going?>>

I was going to set a campaign during the founding of Pavis (Old Pavis) where
there are (or were going to be) assorted nefarious plots to ressurect Genert
(not least by the Issaries cult and Caarith the Desert Tracker). It is still
in development.

<< Martin (who thinks deserts and arid areas are much nicer places than all
 soggy, dank places in the northern hemisphere) >>

Keith, who lives in Manchester, where it always drizzles.


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