Lover, not a fighter... ?

From: Dan McCluskey (
Date: Wed 01 Mar 2000 - 21:59:17 EET

Andrew Larsen:
>...the Ulerian fighting a troll who represented Zorak
>Zoran (who slew Flamal, and thus has to be overcome at some point) and
>finally fending him off by driving her sword into his thigh

um, mebbe I'm biased, but I just can't quite come to terms with a Uleria
beating ZZ in a fight... It's just not her idiom. And Zorak Zoran is a
better fighter than that.

I agree that he should be defeated, but not directly. I would go for
soemthing like "they get ambushed by ZZ, he beats the crap out of them and
leaves them for dead. Xiola Umbar shows up, heals the questers, and gives
them a secret that allows them to defeat ZZ." This should probably take the
form of Uleria attemting to seduce ZZ and failing (he is the god of Hate,
after all), then XU telling her about his impotence, and her using that to
defeat him later...

ZZ - XU are in many ways just opposing aspects of the same power (like
grower and maker) and will often appear in the same myths. According to
Drastic Darkness, they have a heropath together that can be used for
ressurrection, so I like the idea that they both appear in Uleria's myth for
the same thing.



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