From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 02 Mar 2000 - 00:16:36 EET

Christoph Kohring:

Me>> The Court of the Demiverge of Rhigos is the most likely source of
>> such contraptions.

>Now, Peter, I think you are on to something here, even if only unwittingly !
>I had always wondered - like most of you too I'm sure- how the Demivierge of
>Rhigos managed to stay/become a half-virgin ?!? (Because, that is what
>"demi-vierge" means after all... )

I was under the impression that it came from the Greek Demoiourgos,
the Worker for the People, based on Demos (people as in democracy)
and ergos (worker c.f. the erg). Plato uses it to denote the Creator

in his writings, and the Gnostics used it in the cosmology to
distinguish the maker of this corrupt world from the Godhead. So
it sounds like a God Learner title to me. I've not heard of the
half-cock derivation before but it must have some validity.

>But all real men of the Holy Country know that rhigan males are
>only half-cocks, "demiverges" as they say in Esrola

A slight quibble. Esrola is where the eunuchs are prominent,
loyally serving their queens who keep their severed members on
hand. Rhigos is in Porthomeka which was conquered by the
Caladrans, who attempted to marry Sky and Earth there in the
Imperial Age and only partially succeeded and so the institution
of Eunuchs is not practiced here. Hence I don't think the
Esrolians would know Rhigos as a land of half-cocks as they
themselves are worse off.

However MOB has suggested that Eunuchs who have their members
destroyed, eventually gather to the court of the Demiverge
where she satisfies them in some manner too-scandalous-to-be-

- --Peter Metcalfe


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