I Confess, Famine Again

From: Gary R Switzer (gswitzer@loop.com)
Date: Thu 02 Mar 2000 - 03:30:45 EET

John Hughes credits me for:

>...nicely pointing out the great axis
>of heortling culture: tradition vs innovation, Umath's firstlaw
>vs "There is always another way".

when I was actually just trying to stick my thumb in the eye
of the Orlanthi who seem to religiously delude themselves
about several aspects of their own culture before sitting
down to a hearty breakfast, but thank you for the kind words. :)

More on Famine: For the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass there is
Food and there is food. Food being mainly the 3 "B's" of
Beer, Bread and Beef, with a grudging nod to Mutton.
Your table may be groaning with game, pork and poultry,
your barns bulging with wheat and rice, your root vegetables
may win prizes and you can hardly close the cellar doors for
the hogheads of #1 Apple Lane Scrumpy and Clearwine

Brandy in the oak but if a man can't serve his family a proper
meal of Dark Beer, Brown Bread and Boiled Beef he can
hardly look them, or the neighbors, in the eye and clearly
starvation is in the offing. Everyone *knows* that children
up in Far Point slump hollow-eyed beside the roads begging
passing travellers for a crust of honest rye bread or a bowl
of thin gruel, while wicked Lunars weaken their Moral Fiber
tempting them with Foreign Vittles, etc, etc...

I guess my point is that since we already have a place to
act out dramas of living on the margin of survival (Prax and
the Wastes) I'm not sure why the Culbrea need to live one
bad harvest from Famine. Now certainly an individual stead
or tula can be cursed for proper mythic reasons (and provide
scenario hooks as a result) so that the crops don't come in,
but I think the baseline for Dragon Pass food production is,
due to the availability of magical assistance, significantly
higher than a RW equivalent. Makes it more resistant to the

stesses that the Hero Wars will put on it, too.

Gary R Switzer
Aero Hobbies


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