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From: Matthew Thale (
Date: Thu 02 Mar 2000 - 03:36:02 EET

Welcome back Gian, I'm glad that you didn't stay away for long.

>Gian quoting someone...
>>I do like the idea of a fixed population due to a fixed amount of >water
>>available (...)

>I do not. Not in Prax, at least. I read (maybe in Borderlands?) that Praxian
>rain is heavy and it would allow a richer and more fertile land (and
>population) except for the fact that the Land (i.e. Genert garden) was
>blasted during the Godswar. So rain is abundant and anyone can keep it in
>cisterns (Sp?) or silos. Even nomadic clans, I suspect, would have developed
>ways to gather and treasure their reserve of water. But the earth is blasted
>and grows little or none.

Praxian nomads building cisterns? I find it hard to accept nomads
building any sort of fixed structures. Instead, the nomads probably
have knowledge of every natural water source within their areas of
influence. They probably are quite adept at collecting rain during
the periodic storms as well.

Personally, I take the opposing view when it comes to rainfall in
Prax. I think that there is sufficient rain to maintain a chaparral
environment as opposed to the desert environment in the wasteland.

Gian says:
>IMG, Oasis are such not because of water presence, but because of a "local
>lesser degree of cursing", as a matter of speak. Syllogism is not: the Oasis
>land is more wet and so is richer; Syllogism is: it is equally wet but it
>keeps water and gives plants and animal life because the Earth itself is
>less blasted than around the oasis.

I believe that the reason that Prax was considered a garden was that
Genert was around to provide the extra fertility. Take away the
fertility and you get Prax. The wasteland was blasted by the battles
against chaos, Prax (with certain exceptions) avoided much of the
destruction. While this may not be the truth in the official
Glorantha, it is the truth in mine.

If you find an oasis in the the wastes, then I would agree with you.
The spirit/godling of the oasis is providing a little bit of
fertility to hold back the wastes.

Just my opinions,
- -Matt Thale


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