white rabbit

From: TERRA INCOGNITA (inarsus-ferilt-z@mrg.biglobe.ne.jp)
Date: Thu 02 Mar 2000 - 15:17:19 EET

I'm freed from jail as Orlanth (don't imagine "monopoly" game...)
but, I'm busy like white rabbit in wonderland...

cult of ganesatarus
addition of temple of ol' good shadow
elf mythos: friendship of arroin and humakt
but these all are written down in Japanese....

most Tricksterish mythologistish self says:
Gregging and disorder is welcome!
Glorantha should be ruined by scattered brain!
Heroquest should be ....

confucian belief:
the ethical doctrine that human nature is fundamentally good
but scar of banishment from Eden always breed from your heart

How you can deny link between West Roman Emperor
(Emperor Theodosius)
 and Catholic Patriarch in nist of history,
Successor of Rome is still in Vatican Palace as Japanese Mikado in Tokyo.

I am astonished to see much similarity between GROY and Chinese holy Classic
"Writing Sutra" in composition. (Dara Happa is China: and Kralorela is

Wraith the Oblivion Idea and DreamMagic Idea (Waking Magician) : shadow

Avalonhill publishment now seems stigma on Body of Christ: How Japanese can
translate it? (especially excellent Lords of Terror and Dorastor)

to MasterGianGero:
toto orbe in pace composito...


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