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Date: Thu 02 Mar 2000 - 20:11:47 EET

>From: Dan McCluskey <>
>Subject: Lover, not a fighter... ?
>Andrew Larsen:
>>...the Ulerian fighting a troll who represented Zorak
>>Zoran (who slew Flamal, and thus has to be overcome at some point) and
>>finally fending him off by driving her sword into his thigh
>um, mebbe I'm biased, but I just can't quite come to terms with a Uleria
>beating ZZ in a fight... It's just not her idiom. And Zorak Zoran is a
>better fighter than that.

        Yeah, I knew someone was going to bring this up. My take on Uleria
is that she's fairly close to Innana/Ishtar. That's what inspired my idea
about her connection to Flamal and her descent into the Underworld to

recover him. Innana/Ishtar is associated with love, but also to some extent
with war. So IMG Uleria has a martial aspect which is generally neglected
in most areas because there are other dieties who perform that role much
more effectively. Remember, her rune is Fertility, not Harmony. Love

sometimes is discordant and sometimes violent, so it seems reasonable that
she might have this as a commonly overlooked aspect. That's one reason why
this heroquest, which is a relatively powerful one mythically, isn't
commonly performed. Most Ulerians lack the training to get past the
encounter with ZZ.
        Another aspect of my thinking here is that recovering Flamal is
about overcoming what ZZ did. This means that the quest's theme is the
overcoming of separation and hatred. Thus at some point, Uleria has to
defeat ZZ.

>I agree that he should be defeated, but not directly. I would go for
>soemthing like "they get ambushed by ZZ, he beats the crap out of them and
>leaves them for dead. Xiola Umbar shows up, heals the questers, and gives
>them a secret that allows them to defeat ZZ." This should probably take the
>form of Uleria attemting to seduce ZZ and failing (he is the god of Hate,
>after all), then XU telling her about his impotence, and her using that to
>defeat him later...
>ZZ - XU are in many ways just opposing aspects of the same power (like
>grower and maker) and will often appear in the same myths. According to
>Drastic Darkness, they have a heropath together that can be used for
>ressurrection, so I like the idea that they both appear in Uleria's myth for
>the same thing.

        I like what you say about ZZ and XU. I'll have to figure out a way
to work XU into this quest somewhere. Not that I'm likely to run it again
in the near future. So are people comfortable with the idea that ZZ is

Andrew E. Larsen


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