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<< Also, wasn't she chewed up and her material form destroyed by the Boggles?
 Wouldn't such a goddess instead have a heroquest so that the hero is
 sacrificed to a group to bring some aspect of fertility/love/eros to that
 group or another? >>

Spot onLoren. Surely the Uleria and the Boggles myth is appropriate here
(from Wyrms Footprints):-

     "The boggles of this tale are nightmare creatures spawned from confusion
and fear"

Looks like Zorak Zoran using my Runequest Sight goggles.

Boggles Zoran (who sounds like a PG Wodehouse character to me) injures Kargan
Tor creating powerful crystals used by Pre Dawn humans to conquer their
neighbours. Is not decieved by Tylenea (maybe Issaries in a more 'modern'
version), or burnt by Truth. Only Uleria satisfies Boggles Zoran by offering
her Body of Love.

I don't think a Ulerian would 'beat' anybody but would persuade them that
they were not opposed to each other. I like Loren's suggestion of a
sacrifice to benefit the group, and it is could be that the Ulerian gains a
Zorak Zoran Hero who will go off and fight Chaos for her, or that the Zorak
Zorani gains some form of Fertility magic in return for not entirely
destroying the Ulerian.

Keith N


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