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<< Tangentially, this is what Pavis was trying to do in the first place,
wasn't it?>>

I think it was, although his exact motivation is still unclear to me. (I
still don't know, frex, whether he is a goodie, a baddie, a cunning schemer,
or an agent of other powers. Recently I am more persuaded that he is a Goodie)

<< Become a new Genert, I mean, not resurrect the original.>>

I think the resurrect Genert idea was an Issaries and possibly Middle Sea
Empire plot (hence Caarith the Desert Tracker) and that Pavis was doing it
another way.

<< He doesn't come
 across as being a conqueror, rather as a ruler by example, which strikes me
 as a very much pre-Storm Age idea. There are more parallels also: his
 "giant" allies, his union of Elder peoples. His major flaws, of course, were
 that he didn't include the Trolls (since they weren't on the surface in the
 Green age) and did not was not recognized as ruler by the nomads
 (splintered and factionalized without their Tada).>>

The history of Pavis can be loosely interpreted as the godtime cycle played
out in historical time:

Celestial Court - Runic Powers - Godlearners - robcradle
Dragonewt Form Rune - EWF era
Plant Rune - Green Age: - Pavis born, half elf.
   - all live in peaceful harmony, ruled by the Sun Gods - the Pure Horse Sun
birth of Umath - Pavis retires, Joraz takes over (Joraz, although a Horse
person is an Issaries person who Changes things and, in this respect is a bit
like Orlanth/Umath. IMO Joraz's actions precipitate Thogs attacks and I
speculate that Joraz was, in some way, responsible for Pavis retiring.
Storm Age - Jaldon's sieges and raids
Birth of Chaos - Dragonkill War (ie a huge disaster/end of Empire)
Age of Terror- Toras Joran and then the Occupation
Lightbringers Quest - Dragonewt Dream - a magical beginning
Cosmic Compromise - New Pavis.
<< Anyway, this has been kicking around in my head for years. Has it been
 discussed before, or is it so obvious that no one talks about it any more?

 Bruce Hollebone: hollebon (at)

As long as I don't get started on Pentan linguistics we should be OK.

Keith N


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