re: lover not a fighter... ?

From: Dan McCluskey (
Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 01:57:51 EET

Andrew on warlike Ulerians:
>So IMG Uleria has a martial aspect which is generally neglected
>in most areas because there are other dieties who perform that role much
>more effectively.

Which is absolutely fine IYG, but I don't ever remember seeing any
"canonical" references to Uleria having a warlike aspect. I really think
that for wider consumption, that Uleria should overcome ZZ with love, not

What she REALLY ought to do is try to seduce him (and fail, 'cause he's
impotent), get beat up real bad (but survive), get healed by XU and find out
about ZZ's "wound" (impotence). Then, she re-confronts ZZ and Heals him of
his impotence. (clearly there ought to be a child as a result, but who??)

That way, she defeats ZZ in a way consistant with her "standard" goranthan
portrayal, and we also don't have to worry about troll regions with a strong

ZZ presence having difficulty rearing children. Which brings us to:

>So are people comfortable with the idea that ZZ is

somewhat... I don't really mind him having some problems in that area, but
am a little concerned if he is totally infertile. I really don't think the
Matriarchy would take husbands that couldn't sire good children, and we know
that many of the mothers in Dagori Inkarth at least have ZZ husbands. If
Uleria overcame the death taint on his fertility though, then there is a bit
more justification for the Mothers to take on unruly and disobediant Death
Lords as mates instead of the "good boy" Karrg Sons.

The ZZi would probably Say that thier increased fecundity was a result of
killing and eating flamal, without going into the "mushy romantic" stuff
about Uleria (It's a Cult Secret ;-)



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