"L'amour courtois" & "ius primae noctis"

From: Christoph Kohring (ChOK@bluewin.ch)
Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 02:59:46 EET

Joerg wrote:

> The church discourages
> excessive chivalry, like the rampant troubadours, tournaments "for the
> sake of love", or "l'amour courtoise" wherein the proper forms of
> adoration for a married (and usually socially superior) woman may open
> the range of Platonic affairs short of adultery up to (and including)
> coitus interruptus.

It is "l'amour courtois" ("courtly love"), because the word "amour" is
masculine wheras you put the adjective in the feminine ("courtoise") which
is wrong. But you got "coitus interruptus" right, good for you ! ;)

> Oh, and there's the ius primae noctu, which belongs to the immediate
> liege lord.

"Ius primae noctis" is the correct form. It translates as "the right of
first night". "Of the first night" is in the genitive, thus "primae noctis".

Christoph Kohring, proudly picking up the discarded giangeroan standard of
orthographic purity !!! :) ;) :)

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