The Infamous Demivierge of Rhigos & the rhigan demiverges (Sorry, no demiurge... )

From: Christoph Kohring (
Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 02:34:25 EET

> Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 11:16:36 +1300
> From: Peter Metcalfe <>
> Subject: Demivierges

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. First, understand that I live in the
canton of Vaud on the shore of lake Geneva. We speak french here & it is my
mother language.

My whole message came about because of one li'll typo of yours: the ruler of
Rhigos is called the "Demivierge", but you forgot the "i". (Check the RQ
Companion or go to Joerg's page if you want to make sure.) Now, this is pure
french, "vierge" means "virgin" (usually female) or "maiden" & "demi" means
"half". So that we get the "Half-a-Virgin" or "Half-a-Maiden" of Rhigos. Now
the question is, "how the lunar hell do you become one ?!!". Since first I
learned of the existence of the _Infamous_ Demivierge of Rhigos, I have kept
this question at the back of my mind. Maybe one day I would get the answer,
either from a published source or from the arkati-shaman-trickster himself ?

This never came to be, because I got the answer from you !!! Yes, Peter, you
gave me the answer I was looking for when you forgot to put this one small
but all-so-important letter...

Because, to repeat it, "la verge" is the penis, the cock. Thence the idea
(thank you again) of those half-cocked rhigan lucky bastards. The poor gal
remains half-virginal because of the inadequate tooling of her subjects,
what a pity !

>>> Peter: The Court of the Demiverge of Rhigos is the most likely source of
>>> such contraptions.

>>Christoph: Now, Peter, I think you are on to something here, even if only
>>unwittingly ! I had always wondered - like most of you too I'm sure- how the
>>Demivierge of Rhigos managed to stay/become a half-virgin ?!? (Because, that
>>is what "demi-vierge" means after all... )

> Peter: I was under the impression that it came from the Greek Demoiourgos,
> the Worker for the People, based on Demos (people as in democracy)
> and ergos (worker c.f. the erg). Plato uses it to denote the Creator
> in his writings, and the Gnostics used it in the cosmology to
> distinguish the maker of this corrupt world from the Godhead. So
> it sounds like a God Learner title to me. I've not heard of the
> half-cock derivation before but it must have some validity.

It sure does. She isn't called "infamous" for naught. She definitely is no

>>Christoph: But all real men of the Holy Country know that rhigan males are
>>only half-cocks, "demiverges" as they say in Esrola

> Peter: A slight quibble. Esrola is where the eunuchs are prominent,
> loyally serving their queens who keep their severed members on
> hand. Rhigos is in Porthomeka which was conquered by the
> Caladrans, who attempted to marry Sky and Earth there in the
> Imperial Age and only partially succeeded and so the institution
> of Eunuchs is not practiced here. Hence I don't think the
> Esrolians would know Rhigos as a land of half-cocks as they
> themselves are worse off.

Aw, come on, only a tiny minority of esrolian males are eunuchs. Honest.
Don't believe everything those Heortlander perverts & debauched Caladarians
say !

> Peter: However MOB has suggested that Eunuchs who have their members
> destroyed, eventually gather to the court of the Demiverge

Here you go again ! Be careful. It is D-e-m-i-v-i-e-r-g-e. ;)

Anyway, here among the Varndings, our godi always reminds us that the
Half-Cock -& a crooked one as such- holds court in Glamour, which seems
right to me. Gaudyr of the Gwandor used to say that Shepelkirt's wretch was
a real pussy, but you've got to give the Mooner-in-(mis)Chief his due: the
motherfucker does nonetheless bust some ass once in a while !!!

> where she satisfies them in some manner too-scandalous-to-be-
> repeated-here.

Yeah, maybe MOB knows what she is infamous for !?

All Hail the Reaching Storm !

Christoph the Lankohring in the Water Castle of Europe (Ain't no Prax here,
no sir !)


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