Figher, not a lover (was Lover, not a fighter... ?)

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Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 04:19:15 EET

> Andrew E. Larsen
> Yeah, I knew someone was going to bring this up. My take on Uleria
> is that she's fairly close to Innana/Ishtar. That's what inspired my idea

No. That would be Ernalda or Dendara/Entekos. Uleria is not Queen
of Heaven, nor of Earth, nor anywhere else. She is more like a
philosophical ideal. The other gods and goddesses who have Fertility
aspects can have more complex characters, as they devolved and
combined aspects of other members of the Celestial Court.

> So are people comfortable with the idea that ZZ is impotent?

No. It is clear from several sources (Wooden Sword saga, TrollPack) that
the Zorak Zoran and Son Like Kargg chieftains (what outsiders sometimes
mistakenly call the Kings) have a rivalry over who gets to "dance" with the
Queen (I assume that we can all tell a euphemism, here?) during ??? Season
(I recall it as Dark Season, presumably as good a time for a troll to mate
to fight, but am not certain).

Even if some ZZ chieftains turn out to be infertile due to excessive
manifestation of Death, most are still able to perform the dance.


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