Praxian Oasis's

From: Adam Betteridge (
Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 05:58:22 EET


Matt Thale wrote:
If you find an oasis in the the wastes, then I would agree with you.
The spirit/godling of the oasis is providing a little bit of
fertility to hold back the wastes.

This gave me a thought, could it be that the oasis's are where part of Genert
fell when he was destroyed? They continue to provide fertile land because they
are parts of Genert's .... well genetalia. each continues to exude fertillity
into it's local area, and overtime they have become spirits in there own right
through worship. This would make plans to reassembe Genert even more difficult
as the various spirits would have to be convinced that they would become
stronger if joined together.

Just an idea.


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