the bat

From: David Cake (
Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 05:38:42 EET

>Does anyone have any ideas how it is resummoned?
        Sacrificing the high priest etc seems reasonable to me.

>Do some members of the cult ( bat men?) remain behind in Glamour or
>elsewhere safely inside the Empire.

>Can it be brought back without the aid of its own cult?
        Certainly - the Red Goddess did. But it would be foolhardy and
vastly more difficult than using the cult rituals. Its cult is necessary to
control it.
Its cult also used to be essential for its existence outside Rinliddi, but
this was long ago before it was the Crimson Bat - its liberated, reborn,
chaotic Lunar nature might have changed this condition. (and perhaps
replaced it with the need to feed - it used to be death, not oblivion).
        It would probably be more likely that if the cult was destroyed the
Lunar Empire would set about training a new one, rather than attempting to
resummon the bat via heroquest without the cult.

>Do Lunar magicians have to research the ritual again?
        No. The refounding of the cult dates from the time of Goddess
herself, and was a result of research into ancient Nysalorian rituals. I am
sure that there are a few copies in the LCM archives and elsewhere.


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