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From: David Cake (
Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 06:46:30 EET

>There certainly are SBs in my Glorantha who do rape as well as practice
>consensual sodomy, but it is a fact that _all_ (& this is a Kingdom of Logic
>"all", i.e. 100% ) Uroxi on the lozenge consider rape to be extremely
>chaotic & consensual sodomy to be at the very least mildly so.

        If Greg has said that Storm Bulls indulge in sodomy, then I think
it obviously ISN't considered to be chaotic - and frankly, I can't see the
reasoning why it should be, and certainly not in a lozenge wide way.
Applying the same sexual mores universally to a lozenge wide cult that
exists across several cultures of very different sexual mores comes
uncomfortably close to prejudice for my liking, especially when unsupported
by any other evidence*. Storm Bulls are violent, brutal thugs who flought
social convention in every way. This definately does not mean that they
commit acts that they consider even mildly chaotic - so if Storm Bulls
consider rape to be chaotic, then they don't do it. That they do do it -
then its not chaotic. There is a chaotic temptation here, I am sure - but
its not always so.
        Compare Thed and Urain. Sure, Thed is a chaotic rape goddess. But
Urain is a chaotic violence god - and Storm Bulls can commit grotesque acts
of violence without being chaotic in any way, its only when they begin to
enjoy violence for its own sake and forget the anti-chaos mission that they
fall into chaotic practices.
        Storm Bulls have a mighty dark side. Propitiating Mallia rather
than getting Storm Bullies in the area must often seem like a good idea to
the peasantry. But the essential message of Storm Bull is that chaos is
such a foe that any conduct is acceptable in fighting it, including not
just noble self-sacrifice, but also sacrificing the very life of the land,
horrible acts of violence, and ghastly acts of intimidation and punishment.


* Chris, I am not saying that you are showing some prejudice here - but I
am saying that that could be inferred by a reader, even if not intended.


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