Glorantha Digest: RE: All You Need is Love... and a hot iron

RE: All You Need is Love... and a hot iron

From: Loren Miller (
Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 08:36:09 EET
> Boggles Zoran (who sounds like a PG Wodehouse character to me)
> injures Kargan
> Tor creating powerful crystals used by Pre Dawn humans to conquer their
> neighbours. Is not decieved by Tylenea (maybe Issaries in a more 'modern'
> version), or burnt by Truth. Only Uleria satisfies Boggles Zoran
> by offering
> her Body of Love.

That's good! You wrote one more sentence that I'll extract and riff on.

> I don't think a Ulerian would 'beat' anybody

Heheheh. That depends what kind of beating is under discussion. Perhaps in
the Myth ZZ learns that pleasure can be the result when the right person
brings out cat-o-nine-tails and restraints. Now we know one more service
provided to Death Lords by the local temple dungeon. I think this is getting
close to an x-rating now so I'll stop.

Though the Ulerian is at least bruised from the encounter and likely beaten,
bloodied, and in considerable pain, albeit "accidentally so", the fruit of
this union is the hero child, an appropriate blessing for a seduction hero
quest, who will have immortality or some other hero power innately. The hero
child will grow up to fight chaos, and young ZZ's manifest mental block
against love, signified by his inert and unwilling member, is broken.

Dan McCluskey <>
> What she REALLY ought to do is try to seduce him (and fail, 'cause he's
> impotent), get beat up real bad (but survive), get healed by XU
> and find out
> about ZZ's "wound" (impotence). Then, she re-confronts ZZ and
> Heals him of
> his impotence. (clearly there ought to be a child as a result, but who??)

I don't see why XU has to be involved. Why can't Uleria get beat up *while*
she seduces him and cures him of his *ahem* mental block, and in some paths
on the mythic plane also turn the tables and engage in a little
sadomasochistic play with mister darkness, rage, and terror.

Heck, maybe Uleria was the first one to tattoo and brand ZZ... maybe she
taught him a taste for fire...

Well, it's time to sign off now before I start to get *really* wacky.

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