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Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 10:30:52 EET

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"My whole message came about because of one li'll typo of yours: the ruler
Rhigos is called the "Demivierge", but you forgot the "i". (Check the RQ
Companion or go to Joerg's page if you want to make sure.) Now, this is
french, "vierge" means "virgin" (usually female) or "maiden" & "demi" means
"half". So that we get the "Half-a-Virgin" or "Half-a-Maiden" of Rhigos.
the question is, "how the lunar hell do you become one ?!!". Since first I
learned of the existence of the _Infamous_ Demivierge of Rhigos, I have
this question at the back of my mind. Maybe one day I would get the answer,
either from a published source or from the arkati-shaman-trickster himself

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In the real world, it meant a girl who would do anyything except genital
intercourse to satisfy a man. It was a common phenomenon in the days when
virginity was the "coin of the realm," and, apparently, is once again
becoming quite common in American high schools.

Jim Chapin


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