Praxian smell

From: Gian Gero (
Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 11:00:41 EET

In the Digest # 434 I read:

>Gian Gero thinks there's lots of rain in Prax, and writes:

No: I read it on the RQ2 Borderlands pack. I tried to figure a full year of
Praxian weather, according to the simple rules I found there. I obtained a
wet wet wet year, almost tropical (in RW terms) and certainly much more
rainy than Italian weather.

>I don't have time this morning to double-check the rainfall listed in
>River of Cradles,

I don't know. Does RoC upgrades and changes what was indicated in
Borderlands? I don't think so...

>but I don't think it's much. That too is reduced >due to Genert's death
>(there's a feedback cycle between the land and
>the weather even on Earth).

This is true on Earth, as above is stated. It could not be true in
Glorantha. On earth rivers usually don't flow upriver. Earth is also round,
as I studied a lot of time ago. Glorantha is not.
I don't see why Genert's death should reduce the amount of rain in Prax. Is
Genert anyway connected with Heler, I wonder? I assumed that, since Heler is
a Stormy God-lass and since Winds are so strong in Prax (Urox's Breath et
cetera) even Heler could be strong, there. At least I never read the

>It's probably true that even irrigation
>won't work quite as well as expected due to the lack of the land god,
>but there simply isn't enough water, at least outside Prax proper in
>the Wastes.

Irrigation, on my accounts, is not much connected with the land god. It is
connected with growing and fertile deities (Ernalda, Voria, Flamal). I don't
think their power is reduced in Prax or the Wastelands. I think (but I could
be wrong) that the death of Genert made the usual "pact" between water and
rain deities (on one side) and growing deities (Ernalda, Flamal on the
other) less easy to attain. Genert was an husband-protector of Ernalda? I
assume so: if Yelmalio can help bless the Earth via his relationship with
Ernalda, so could Genert. Now Genert is dead, but so Ernalda is not and you
can still obtain blessing from her (through Yelmalio or Argan Argar or
Orlanth, for example).
Any comments?

>Townspeople are smelly because they have fixed outhouses -- nomads
>don't let their waste pile up on one place.

This is an acceptable explanation in RW contest. This could not be the right
explanation in Glorantha.
Even in RW matters, anyway, I know that many nomads like to cover themseves
with the dung of their beasts, to help in their hunting and battles (not to
be discovered). The idea of bad smell is not one-way in our real world.


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