Praxian infants

From: Gian Gero (
Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 11:31:35 EET

Hi, lads.

In the Digest # 435, I read the following:

> > I have to voice strong disagreement to this concept. While it makes
> >sense that Praxians are capable of abandoning infants, the harsh
> >of life in Prax and the Wastes would preclude the need to do so.

I agree. I also think that infants are valued more than cattle, in Praxian
standards. And cattle is the only currency any good Khan will be likely to
own (items and weapons are less likely and have a less objective value to be
considered effective "currency").

>>to ever need to intentionally
> >kill a healthy, well formed child. Any child that can survive past the
> >of 8 is a blessing for the clan because they will probably survive to
> >adulthood and are capable of performing useful work as they grow and
> >The absense of children to raise is far more likely than too many

I agree strongly.

>This would be true for a RW nomadic society, but in Prax, spells to
>heal people are fairly common. A lot of the infants and children who would
> >die from an accident in the RW will survive in Prax because someone
>nearby >can throw even a Healing 1 or 2 and stabilize them long enough for
>a >trained healer to arrive.
>Likewise the diseases that kill many infants and children could be
>cured by healers and shamans, thus substantially reducing the mortality
> >rate.

This is also true. Good point, Andy!
I think we should firstly agree what the undoubtable harsh living conditions
of Prax and the Wastelands are due to.
I suggest not the high mortality rate or the lack of water.
I think the lack of food (solid and nutrient) is the real point.
Herds are limited, much more so are tilled fields or the goods you need to
buy food from the outside.
The real limit to living being numbers in Prax and the Wastelands, I
seriously suspect, is the limited FOOD.

I would like to read your opinions on this matter.

>"but (I do)
>not (agree) about saving 'mildly chaotic' babies. For a Praxian, any chaos
>is all
>chaos. There's no way to quantify chaos to the Storm Bull chaos sense.

Yes, but this is the POV of Storm Bull. Not all the majority or even the
ruling class of Prax are SBullies. They are Wahan or Eirithans.

>I guess I think of chaos as a sort of radioactivity. Even in small
>quantities is contaminates everything it comes across, and then those
>things may spread the contagion further.

I think (again my opinion is highly debatable) that chaos is not contagious:
it taints only those beings that allow chaos to reach their hearth and body.
It taints their spirit, before than their skin. Waha power (law spirits vs
chaos) effectively destroys chaotic _spirits_. I think this is not a casual

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