Praxian rain

From: Thomas Gottschall (
Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 14:54:05 EET

Hi everyone,

Gian wrote:
> I don't see why Genert's death should reduce the amount of rain in
Prax. Is Genert anyway connected with Heler, I wonder? I assumed
that, since Heler is a Stormy God-lass and since Winds are so strong
in Prax (Urox's Breath et cetera) even Heler could be strong, there.
At least I never read the opposite. <

Now I have never thought of it before, but it feels totally wrong for
me to call Heler the rain god of Prax. I always thought that Heler
was very exculsive to the Orlanthi myths. But how many Praxians are
Orlanthi ? For me a small minority. I do not see him bringing rain to
Prax. And I can believe that Genert was (or still is?) not only
connected to the Earthly aspects of fertility of Prax but also to
rain. Could it be that while Ernalda is the Earth, Flamal is the
plants and someone else is the rain, Genert was the one who was
responsible for stability and that everyone of the gods got what he
needed for his well being ? And when he was killed all went to waste,
since the link between all of them was missing ?

Just a thought...
bye, Thomas

"Dreams are the best things reality has to offer..."

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