Heler in Prax ?

From: Julian Lord (julianlord@yahoo.fr)
Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 15:32:40 EET

Gian :

> Is Genert anyway connected with Heler, I wonder?

No he isn't. Heler is an Orlanthi god, and has little
connection (if any) with the Praxians. Genert's
mythology could only be very tangentially linked to
Heler's older stories, at best. Also, Genert is dead.

> I assumed that, since Heler is a Stormy God-lass and
> since Winds are so strong in Prax (Urox's Breath et
> cetera) even Heler could be strong, there. At least
> I never read the opposite.

Praxian shamans cannot contact Heler. They may (or may
not) have their own rain spirits, who would be much
much weaker than Heler. The strongest 'rain' spirit in
Prax is the Dew Maiden, I think.

Also, the Praxian Storm Bull is very similar to the
Orlanthi Urox ; but not *exactly* the same. One

difference of the Praxian cult would be
non-association with minor Orlanthi cults, IMO. Also,
the Storm Bull actually *prevents* rainfall (he is
associated with sand/dust storms), rather than
potentially assisting it, IMO.

In western Prax, rain is the province of Orlanth, I
think, unless this has been changed for HW.

I have no idea who (if anyone) governs rain in the
Wastes. Weak rain spirits, possibly.

Any help ?

Julian Lord
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