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Date: Fri 03 Mar 2000 - 18:13:18 EET

Minor infraction to rule # (?)

>One of the important events in the Wastelands in my Glorantha is the brief
>reflowering of Genert's Garden after the first heavy rains of the year.
>A brilliant carpet of flowers springs up in the wake of the rains offering
>a fleeting glimpse of the beauties of the golden age garden but, all to
>soon, in mere hours or days, they fade back into dust... This is a good
>time to contact the Spirits of Golden Age Prax such as Ronance and the
>Redwood forest.

>Dave Pearton

Good show, Dave. I appreciated it.

*joking mode*
P.s. Are you the reincarnation of the Air Marshal or just another spitful
pseudonym Digester?
*end of joking mode*

Now to more interesting matters: sex and (onanism?)
> > Subject: Sex and the Single Praxian
>Andrew E. Larsen wrote:
> >> 4. what is the view of bisexuality? of adult male homosexuality?
> >> paedophilia?
> >
> > Bisexuality and homosexuality among men are considered
> > and outside the law of Waha. They are non-procreative and weaken the
> > involved. Storm bulls in particular deride the practice and may
> > their captives to prove their dominance.

I agree. I hope never to be captured by Uroxi. What kinds of creatures or
cultists, anyway, do the Uroxi actually capture? I always assumed they kill
or they ignore or they make friends (in a proper manner!!!) out of those
they meet.

>I strongly object to that, way too broo-ish. It's not that broos are
>sodomites per se (they aren't: every orifice is fine for them, even
>but I still think that it is a major taboo of bullers everywhere on the
>Lozenge. Of course, it doesn't mean that some will not guiltily do it
>anyway... And with no penalty whatsoever except if they are caught:

In RW (I am afraid) it was a far too ordinary habit for nomad warriors to
abuse their prisoners in order to show to their comrades their superiority.
Think of the way men in primitive cultures have always treated women: not
more than slaves or items, because in this way they showed to other men
their "greatness". Eiritha would defend and "avenge" Praxian women treated
so, but which deity protects slaves and losers (in Prax)? None, I think.

 > These activities among women are
> > tolerated so long as they do not prevent procreative sex.
> > Paedophilia is a serious crime, as are rape and incest. These>
> > actions attract chaotic spirits and can poison the tribe. Those who
>commit> > them are outlawed.
Yes: gagarthi or worse.

>I think it strange that in Glorantha the deity of rape is a rapee & not
>a>rapist. The blame-it-on-the-victim game as usual... All hail the
>macho>chauvinist pig (bull ?!) !!!

Ah Ah! Good point, Marshal.


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