Thin Line between Love and Hate

Date: Sat 04 Mar 2000 - 01:15:39 EET

Alexandre writes:
<< Once I'd have liked to add a character in my campaign who embodied the
 dichotomy death/sex but I was stopped from doing so by runic determinism: if
 Uleria personifies Love and Love is the expression of Fertility and
 Fertility is opposed to Death and Death is expressed (also) by War, how
 would such a character come to term with her two natures?

I think that it is a mistake to think of "Life rune" and "Death Rune" as two
opposing powers. As an analogy, it is difficult for Lies ("Illusion Rune")to
exist without some sort of Truth. The old "thin line between love and hate"
also springs to mind. Think of the number of murders inspired by "love"
(motive, my dear Watson). The 'love" that launched a thousand ships and a
long siege.

Despite this, I do not see Uleria as any sort of martial deity. A possible
indirect cause of war, of bloodshed and violence. But not an actual warrior
in that conflict. Possibly a camp follower or prostitute to the soldiers, but
not a soldier herself.

Incidentally, for a Ulerian IMG, I used assorted Motown/60's Soul lyrics as
sacred liturgy and as the answer to certain divinations:

Stop! in the name of Love.
Love don't Love nobody
When a man loves a woman
Try a little tenderness
Guess Who

and countless others. It is a bit of a cheap gag, but I like it.

Keith N


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