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<< And cattle is the only currency any good Khan will be likely to
 own (items and weapons are less likely and have a less objective value to be
 considered effective "currency"). >>

I disagree here. I do not think Khans, or men generally, own very many
animals at all. The herds, IMO, are owned by the Eirithans. The male Praxians
only really own their riding beasts and those beasts that they have captured
in raids. The male contribution to the Praxian diet is slaughtered herd
animal, preferably raided from another tribe, and hunted game. The female
contribution to the diet is milk and blood from live animals, and gathered
plant foods/insects/grubs. The dubious status of shamanic egg eating is due,
IMO, to the not quite Death aspect of eggs - they are a gathered food. This
makes it unclear in the Way of Waha whether men or women should gather them
and, rather than be contraversial they abstain. I think male calves are often
slaughtered but they are gifted to the men first.

Keith N


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