Genert General Manager

Date: Sat 04 Mar 2000 - 01:16:01 EET

Thomas Gottschall:

<< Ernalda is the Earth, Flamal is the
 plants and someone else is the rain, Genert was the one who was
 responsible for stability and that everyone of the gods got what he
 needed for his well being ? And when he was killed all went to waste,
 since the link between all of them was missing ? >>

This is how I see it. Prax and the wastes clearly get a reasonable amount of
rain, on average, and that average is as much use as a statistician with his
feet in a freezer and his head in the oven who feels 'just right'. When it
rains in Prax, everything gets washed away, there is dreadful flooding,
Serpents awaken and become death traps etc, Then it dries up, Prax blooms,
grass grows, dries up, a wildfires starts up and general disaster strikes
again. Several years of drought and dust storm later, it rains again. No
wonder farmers cannot get settled in Prax. Genert would have moderated these
elemental forces.

I think Rain Man is the rain god of Prax, Storm Bulls little brother.

Keith N


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